Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Simple Caraway Soup

I know this one for a long time but I just remembered it a few days ago. I think it is probably the easiest soup receipe ever, well, not as easy as heating can soup but still..

Here we go:
You need:
75 ml oil
one big onion
3 tbsps caraway
4 tbsps flour
2-3 l water
Salt (of course!) and bread croûtons for serving, cheese - if you like the idea

You heat the oil and add the chopped onion, stir fry till golden. Add the caraway, fry for a minute, then add the flour. Keep stirring :). When it thickens add slowly the water stirring constantly so you don't get lump soup :))).
Add salt by taste, and serve with croutons and - if you want to - grated cheese.

Is this stupid simple or what?!

Mrs Anastasexi
, please add your variation for the croûtons, it sounded really good but I am too lazy to write it right now ;).

Supa de chimen.. stupid de simpla

E nevoie de:
75 ml ulei
o ceapa mare
3 linguri chimen
4 linguri faina
2-3 l apa
Sare (evident!) si crutoane pentru servit, eventual branza - daca va place ideea

Cum procedati:

Se caleste ceapa in uleiul incins, pana se face aurie. Se adauga chimenul, si dupa cca un minut se adauga faina, amestecand ca sa nu se prinda. Cand incepe sa se ingroase se adauga putin cate putin apa, camestecand ca sa nu se formeze cocloase.
Sare- dupa gust.

Se serveste cu crutoane si - dupa cum spuneam, daca va surade ideea - cu branza rasa.

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Mrs.Anastasexi said... can have soup with croutons, but what the hell? Why not try the not-silhouette-friendly-at-all variant?
You take 4 big slices of bread, you splash some water on them just to moist them a little, then you sprinkle some herbs (my variation includes: dried garlic, basil or thyme but not too much) and after that you grate some yellow cheese on top. You put the 4 slices of bread on tray and off to the oven with them: D. After they become crispy and the cheese is melted you put them directly in the bowl of soup.
I also like some fresh pepper on them, but that's just because I like spicy food.
Advice: don't you dare to measure your weight after you had such a ''treat'' :D :D and don't you dare complain you are not loosing any pounds like I do :D