Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's get this started!

Well, this idea just came as we were discussing the next recipe. We thought it is a good one, so we hope others will find out the same. It is not the first blog on this theme, and maybe not the thousand and first one, we know it. And we know we don't have the experience others have. I, for instance, enjoy a lot the regular junk food. And there are many times when time does not allow me - or us - to cook something. Or the mood. BUT there are the other times - ant this blog is intended for those occasions.

What we plan to have here: our favorite recipes. From different sources or maybe just invented, anyway, what we like to eat - and cook.

We do have our reasons for posting in both Romanian and English. If there is something that you are curious about, just ask. We will be glad to answer. In either of the 2 languages.

With this being said, here we go!

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